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  • Water-cooled screw chiller CUM-WSCS

    Water-cooled screw chiller CUM-WSCS

    Water-Cooled Process chillers are available from 5-500 tons and utilize both shell & tube and brazed plate evaporators and condensers. Process water/glycol temperatures are available from -5F – 65F with varying condenser water temperatures from 45F to 105F on request. Most of our water-cooled process chillers are installed indoors but consult our Application Engineers for outdoor rated packages.


  • High-efficiency variable-speed screw chiller CUM-WSCD

    High-efficiency variable-speed screw chiller CUM-WSCD

    This water cooled screw chiller is water cooled type and come with screw type compressor, featuring large cooling capacity, energy-saving, high performance and low noise.


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